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Lighting the Way

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concert lighting

Transform your event in a cost-effective way with Titan AVL’s wide variety of light solutions. From bright, attention-grabbing colors to calm ambiance, our high quality lighting equipment strategically placed gear, support staff, and, if needed, computer technology. Carry your company branding or theme throughout the entire venue, or illuminate your event with artistic wall lighting projections.

light design

Lighting Solutions

concert lighting

Lighting Design

Today’s technology has taken lighting design to the next level. Backed by computer network support, you can arrange interactive lighting synced with your music, or display unique art designs.

event lighting

Event Lighting

Accentuate your next event with strategically placed wall lighting to set the mood and tone or to draw your audience’s eye to the focal point of your presentation. Select from a large inventory of lighting equipment including spotlights, LED lighting, floodlights, striplights, and more.

concert lighting

Concert Lighting

Count on high quality stage lighting that will create the look and feel that you need to showcase your event. From custom set pieces, strategically-placed lights, and task lighting to support even the smallest of needs, Titan AVL will make your next concert shine.

architectural lighting

Architectural Lighting

Tie in the unique architectural design of your venue or create it using architectural lighting. From sleek, modern designs to classical features, lighting can transform a room. A variety of light fixtures are available: recessed, suspended, indoor/outdoor, and configurable lighting.

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Make your next event unforgettable and one to talk about. Lighting is a cost-effective way to add depth, design, cohesiveness and engagement. As a creative solutions driven company, we’re up for the challenge of making your dream a reality.