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Projecting you forward

Deliver your next presentation quickly and easily with quality imagery from name-brand projector equipment. Accentuate your next event with consistent branding or patterned designs projected on the walls throughout your venue. Today, projection goes well beyond classroom use; it is a cost-effective and portable solution for businesses, event production, and houses of worship.

Projection Solutions

Projector, Screen & Lens Rental

At Titan, we have a large inventory of quality equipment including projectors, screens, and lenses. We’ll work with you and your budget to find the appropriate solution for your needs. Larger visual displays, for example may require different lenses. Smaller displays, on the other hand, may not require a screen at all.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution, Titan AVL can help install both front and rear projection solutions, as well as permanent or retractable screens. Our team of experts will help you plan before your installation to ensure that you get the appropriate equipment for your needs, budget and location.

Projection solutions can be ideal for:

Projectors offer a discreet, high quality solution for team meetings, conferences and client introductions. Often permanently installed in business conference rooms, businesses can also benefit from portable projection solutions.

If you need to create a larger image than is typically feasible from a TV, but don’t necessarily need LED video panels, projectors produce a modern look for events and entertainment venues. Use them to display video content, provide the event’s schedule, or in a more creative fashion by creating visual aesthetic on a wall as opposed to more expensive painting or wall-paper changes.

Support your weekly worship services with projectors to communicate with members about upcoming events and community notes. Projectors are also easy to use tools during your sermon or Sunday bible study to feature scripture excerpts.

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Create engagement and increase participation by adding a visual element. Projectors are budget-friendly, portable, small, lightweight, and, like cameras, offer a range of quality imagery. From planning to execution, Titan AVL experts are there to help you select the equipment you need.