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Setting the stage for greatness

Draw focus to your performance, speech, or message delivery with the help of Titan’s experts. Supported by more than a decade of experience in audio visual and production design, our team will help you throughout the planning and design process to create an unforgettable and effective stage design. From lighting to sound to video and custom stages, our collaborative process will make sure your production is tailored to your vision while remaining on budget.



Feel confident that Titan designed sets are well planned, sometimes using scale models, to avoid the need for changes on performance day. Our large inventory of equipment also means that we have the necessary tools to provide you with a strong foundation that is custom-designed for your needs.


Accentuate your stage, sets and costumes with colorful, vibrant lighting. Lighting designers work with you on timing, colors, and other details that will help appropriately enhance your performance. Our installation team will also blend in the equipment that so that the focus remains on the stage and out of the way of your performers. If appropriate, we will work with your costume designer to ensure the perfect outcome.


Growing in popularity, use projection solutions to bring in digital webcasting, play short clips, or enhance an on-stage performance with accent projection images. Our inventory includes various projectors, lenses and supporting equipment to ensure that the selected pieces fit appropriately.

Organize engaging conferences with custom-designed stages and platforms and let professionally installed lighting draw focus to your presentation. Use sound solutions like quality speakers and microphones to communicate clearly and ensure that everybody has the same positive experience.

From theater plays to comedic performances, use Titan’s expertise to formulate a unique stage experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Or, keep it simple with Titan’s turnkey event planning. Either way, our large inventory allows for easy configuration of equipment and endless setup possibilities.

Support your weekly church services and annual events with reliable set equipment that will also give you the look and feel that you want for your event. From the usual stage setup to custom-designs, Titan designers will work with you to find the best budget solution that works with existing or new audio visual equipment.

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From start to finish, Titan AVL’s team of experts are there to help you with the planning, design, installation, and breakdown of set pieces. Whether you need support for one day or multiple, our experts are there to make your event shine with tailored equipment and years of expertise to offer you numerous options.