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The world is a stage

Deliver your presentation on a robust, reliable platform. From the planning process to design concepts to quality equipment, Titan AV is your one-stop-shop. Titan works hard to find a successful solution to make your vision come to life.

Staging Solutions

Stage Rental

Our inventory is well maintained and regularly reviewed to ensure that you get safe, strong, professional equipment. From risers to platforms to catwalks, we can help you determine exactly which pieces are needed to make your production shine.

Stage Design

Whether your production is indoors or outdoors, in a small or larger venue, we can work with you to design the best layout that takes into account possible weather changes. With 15 years of experience in the AV industry and supporting staff with diverse backgrounds, we approach challenges with creative solutions.


Use risers to provide clear sight lines to the main stage. These portable and quick-to-setup options can be used for a low stage, tiered seating, or to support your camera and media operators.


With the support of risers, platforms provide a secure and durable surface area. They can generally hold a lot of weight, perfect for your camera crew. Platforms also come in a variety of finishes -- carpeted, industrial, or TuffCoat.


These portable and adjustable runways can fit any space and be configured in various designs. Whether you need a straight out-and-back style catwalk or a U-shaped look, feel confident in the safety and durability of the equipment.

Set design solutions can be ideal for:

Draw focus and engagement with a stage setup that supports your conference events or fundraiser nights. Small or large, the equipment is adjustable and portable.

Make it a time to remember with custom AV solutions paired with a stage that provides all the needed elements. From audience setting to platforms for your camera crew, Titan has what you need.

Stages are quickly becoming a popular option for churches, both for organizing church plays and for delivery of weekly sermons. Creative low-budget solutions are possible through Titan’s wealth of knowledge and large inventory.

Learn more about our set design services.

Find the support and creativity that you need through various staging options — risers, catwalks, platforms, trusses, and more. With a little creativity, sold & safe equipment, and an abundance of experience, Titan can make any space work to achieve your vision.