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Video Production

Capture key moments with brand-name, top-quality video equipment. Coupled with our lighting and audio support, Titan video solutions cover everything you need before, during, and after production. While video production is common for large events like entertainment performances or corporate keynote speeches, clients also like to capture small, more intimate events like store “brand new opening” days or community projects.

Video Production Solutions

Pre Production

Before we embark on any project, Titan AVL runs through the pre-production checklist with you to make sure that the production day runs smoothly. We’ll go over general details like the location, (if outdoors) weather considerations, lighting & audio, the tone and script for the video, and the length of the final product, as well as your general budget.


On production day, if you have any supporting audio or lighting equipment, our team will make sure that the setup goes as planned. We’ll use the pre-production checklist to ensure that we shoot all of the necessary footage.

Post Production

In the final phase, Titan AV’s experts will edit the footage to reflect the agreed upon tone and look for the video. With help from the latest technology, Titan video production is fast, clear and high-quality, giving you the visual content to fit your needs. If necessary, we can also discuss the addition of transitions, text, or other video details.

Video production solutions can be ideal for:

Capture company milestones on video for future presentations or for the company archive. You may also want to capture business operations for training or marketing purposes like social media ads or commercial ad spots.

Promote an upcoming concert or fundraiser with footage of past events. They say images speak louder than words. Video is interactive and a great way to capture interest with a special peek at the atmosphere and excitement.

Modern churches are turning towards video not just to capture sermons, but also to engage their clergy where they are. Whether they’re at home or out of state, your audience can stay connected through video.

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Use the power of imagery to capture color, sound, and feeling to inspire and effectively deliver your message. From beginning to end, Titan AVL video production solutions cover everything you might need.