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Discover how Titan AVL Can Help You Enhance Your Students' Experience

Reach Your Students and Keep them Engaged

Create a vibrant, fun and educational setting with bright colors in art classrooms or crystal clear sound for songs to support your theater and music classrooms. Use projectors to show engaging science clips or bring in guests via web conferencing. Titan’s experts can help you select the equipment you need, at your budget, to reach your students and keep them engaged.

Education Solutions

Elevate your classroom with top-notch audio, video, and lighting. Create the perfect atmosphere, captivate your students, and ensure a memorable experience for all.

Classroom AV Equipment

Titan staff bring with them knowledge of the equipment and technology, installation or compatibility, as well as ease of use. Depending on how mobile or the size of the classroom, a projection system, for example, may be a better option for your classroom needs than a television.

AV Systems for Auditoriums & Gymnasiums

Auditoriums and gymnasiums are multifunctional. The last thing you want is cords all over the floor that quickly turn into tripping hazards. Titan’s AVL team can blend installed audio visual equipment into the equipment that already exists in the venue. If you want to upgrade your current technology, we’ll work with you to select compatible equipment so you get the best quality output.

AV Rental for School Events

Whether you need small-scale, one-time use or you’re working with larger events that last a few days, you don’t need to sacrifice quality. Titan AVL’s rental equipment and service are second to none with a wide selection giving you options to fit your budget needs.

Turnkey Corporate Events

event space designed by Titan AVL


Support your meetings with high-quality equipment to maximize your meeting time and venue. Projectors and laser pointers to draw focus and clarity, while sound creates a productive ambiance.

event stage and lighting designed by Titan AVL


Make your conference the one to attend thanks to lighting that sets the stage and draw attendees’ attention. Use sound solutions like quality speakers and microphones to communicate clearly and ensure that everybody has the same positive experience.

event stage and lighting designed by Titan AVL


Whether you are organizing a dinner or performance fundraiser, take it to the next level with well-installed high-quality equipment. AVL solutions should blend into the background and provide a vibrant platform for you to deliver your message, however you choose.

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