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Education is the passport to the future

Create a vibrant, fun and educational setting with bright colors in art classrooms or crystal clear sound for songs to support your theater and music classrooms. Use projectors to show engaging science clips or bring in guests via web conferencing. Titan’s experts can help you select the equipment you need, at your budget, to reach your students and keep them engaged.


Classroom AV Equipment

Titan staff bring with them knowledge of the equipment and technology, installation or compatibility, as well as ease of use. Depending on how mobile or the size of the classroom, a projection system, for example, may be a better option for your classroom needs than a television.

Audio Visual Systems for Auditoriums & Gymnasiums

Auditoriums and gymnasiums are multifunctional. The last thing you want is cords all over the floor that quickly turn into tripping hazards. Titan’s AVL team can blend installed audio visual equipment into the equipment that already exists in the venue. If you want to upgrade your current technology, we’ll work with you to select compatible equipment so you get the best quality output.

AV Rental for School Events

Whether you need small-scale, one-time use or you’re working with larger events that last a few days, you don’t need to sacrifice quality. Titan AVL’s rental equipment and service are second to none with a wide selection giving you options to fit your budget needs.

About Titan

Backed by 15 years of experience in the industry, Titan Audio Visual provides creativity, in-house fabrication, a large equipment inventory, and diverse talent. Our expertise assures that your installation, equipment service, and full event productions are executed professionally, on-time, and within budget. We find creative solutions to deliver your dreams as effectively as possible.

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Titan’s large inventory has everything you’ll need to bring your classroom to life with professional teaching tools like projectors, pointers, and computer systems. Take it a step further with mobile light and sound equipment for unique and fun teaching lessons. Engage your students with budget-friendly solutions.